The ‘Build the Bank’ project is dedicated to the regeneration of the Stratton Bank Stand facilities.

The first step would be to build new toilets on the Cricket Club (Arkells) side of the ground. Drainage is already in place, and with permanent toilet facilities established, it would enable the Stratton Bank to be used without the need to bring in temporary (and costly) toilet facilities.

As can be seen in the image gallery below, the Shrivenham Road side of the ground, adjacent to the Don Rogers stand, is in a state of abandonment, having been left untouched for over twenty years since the end of the 1993/94 Premier League season. We call it “The land that time forgot” !

In order to get the Stratton Bank fully up and running, we need to take action to bring this area back to life. We are seeking local volunteers, particularly tradesmen, to help us clear and regenerate this area.

The regeneration would include a new toilet and catering kiosk facilities, as well as rejuvenating the existing turnstiles.

Please contact us if you would like to help.