The ‘Community Garden’ project is dedicated to the development of the area directly behind the Stratton Bank, where there is large expansive area that is currently filled with weeds and bushes.

We would like to develop this to become a community garden, with seating and family facilities. This area could be accessed from both the (redeveloped) Shrivenham Road turnstiles (see Build The Bank!) and also from the Park area behind the ground via a newly established entrance.

The Community Garden would begin in the open parkland, and would move through to be inside the gated area.

The project needs to first of all clear this area, so that the underlying floor structure can be clarified. Once complete, we will then generate visual designs before calling upon the Swindon Community to put this into action.

It’s hoped that this area would house the Wall of Memories, and could potentially be available for outdoor functions/receptions as and when requested, thus providing a useful area of revenue for the club.

Please contact us if you would like to help.