Listed below are some ways that you or your organisation/company could raise money for the Red Army Fund.
Be sure to get in touch and tell us what you’re up to, send us your photos and videos and we’ll upload to this site…

Dress Down Day – Ideal for places with strict dress codes such as offices and schools. People donate to the Red Army Fund in return for wearing casual clothing.

24 Hour Event – Hold a fundraising event that lasts 24 hours! A test of strength and stamina! It could be anything from a 24 hour football match right through to karaoke.

Barbecue – As we move into the warmer months, set up a Red Army Fund BBQ and ask people who attend to donate. Just make sure you cover overheads!

Car Wash – A fundraising car wash for the Red Army Fund is simple to organise, fun to do, and is a great way to raise funds.

Quiz Night – Consider organising your own one for the Red Army Fund! Charge people an entry fee or even a levy on every wrong answer. Contact local business to see whether they can donate a prize for the winning team. Quiz nights are a great way to raise cash whilst having fun at the same time.

Raffles – A great way to raise money for the Red Army Fund. If you can get businesses to donate prizes even better. Much like the lottery, raffles interest people as they have a chance of winning and if they don’t win their money is going to a good cause.

Sweepstake – Run a sweepstake in the office on how many times your colleague leaves their desk during the day or how many times your boss gets a cup of coffee. Charge for entry with the nearest guess winning a prize. A simple, yet effective way to raise money.

Eating Competition – How many (insert item of food here) can you eat in 5 minutes? Charge to compete with the winner receiving a prize. You could also charge spectators for watching.

Garage Sale – One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. Why not organise a garage sale? You can spring clean your home and offload unwanted presents/items whilst making money for the Red Army Fund.

Cake Sale – Bake some cakes and set up a cake and bake sale at your home/work place or school. You could also serve hot and cold drinks to increase revenue. Remember to cook a wide selection of different cakes to cater for all tastes.

Auction – A lucrative fundraiser that can raise lots of money for the Red Army Fund. The key to a successful auction is having a great selection of products. Speak to local businesses to see if they are willing to donate in return for free advertising at the event.

Office Mini Olympics Challenge – Get everyone at your work involved in this fun filled fundraiser, Think up some fun competitions such as chair-racing or who can punch the most holes in a sheet of A4 paper in a minute. You can charge participants an entry fee with the winners receiving prizes.

Office Lottery – Run this fundraiser as weekly event and watch the Red Army Fund kitty build up. You need 20 people to enter, with each person paying £1 for a lottery number (1-20). If their number gets picked out the hat they win half the money and the the Red Army Fund gets the other half. Not a big money maker but if you do this every week the money soon adds up. You could also increase the number of entrants if you work in as large office.

Fun Run – Organise a Red Army Fund run in your local area, make sure to promote the event in advance so athletes can gain sufficient sponsorship for the event. It is also important to choose a route which matches the ability of the runners.

Odd Job – No we’re not talking about the James Bond villain, instead go round your local community offering to give a helping hand in return for a charitable donation. A great way to fundraise, especially if you enjoy DIY. You could do anything from mowing someone’s lawn to building flat-pack furniture- the sky’s the limit

Sponsored Silence – This can be done at work, home or at school. Get your friends, family and work colleagues to sponsor you to remain silent for the entire day. A free and simple way to fundraise!

Easter egg hunt – This fundraiser is very seasonal but you can always replace Easter eggs with another product. Select a venue with plenty of space and lots of hiding places! Then charge each participant a set fee for entering the hunt. You could even write out riddles or a treasure map to make the search more exciting.

Bike Ride – Organise a bike ride and get your friends and family to sponsor you. Great routes include London to Brighton and if you’re feeling slightly more ambitious Land’s End to John O’Groats.

Sweet Sale – Use the power of the sweet tooth to raise funds. Set up a sweet shop at your school or workplace. This fundraiser has minimal overheads and requires little planning. It is also worth speaking to local shops to see if they will donate some sweets for the cause.

Food and Wine Tasting – For a more adult themed food event then run a food and wine tasting night to raise money for your cause. Buy in bulk from your local supermarket or better still, approach your local off-license and see if they will donate wine in return for free advertisement at the event. So how do I make money? I hear you ask, well you either charge guests a flat fee to attend or you can ask for voluntary amounts at the end of the evening. You could also run a raffle to win a bottle of wine on the night too.

Dinner Party – If you are feeling adventurous and are confident in your own culinary skills, then why not throw your own dinner party? You can ask your guests for donations when they arrive. You could also see if local business will donate prizes so you can have raffle during the evening too.

Sports Day – Organise a summer sports day for the local community, you can lay on a host of different events from egg and spoon races to welly throwing. This is a great way to fundraise especially if you can do a range of different events that cater for all ages. You can charge people an entrance fee to take part in the different events with the winners getting a medal or prize. You could even set up a refreshments stall to bring in more money for the Red Army Fund.

Race Night – Don’t worry you don’t need to book the local racecourse! A the Red Army Fund race night is an exciting and fun way to raise money for the Red Army Fund and can be organised on a budget. So how do I organise the event? Firstly you need to buy a DVD with races on which you then project on to a large screen at your local social club or town hall; you could even do it in your home. You can make money from charging an admissions fee on top of this there is also the opportunity of raising cash by becoming the bookie for the evening and keeping a percentage of the takings.

Fundraising Calendar – A fun and creative way to raise funds for the Red Army Fund. Produce and print calendars which you can then sell to friends, family and work colleagues.

Book Sales – Dig out your old books and have a book sale at work, home or school. You could even ask friends and family to donate books to the cause.

Car Rally – If you like road trips then this is the fundraiser for you. Get people to sponsor you to drive from A to B – the more extravagant the better! Popular routes include driving through Europe or round the east coast of America.

70s Night – Organise a 70s inspired disco, and give prizes for the best dressed. Charge party goers an admission fee, you could also sell food and drink at the event to raise even more money!

Football Tournament – Organise a Red Army Fund football match or tournament. Charge local teams an entry fee to take part. You could also charge participants a fee for watching. Present the winning team with a shield-turning this fun and exciting fundraiser into an annual event.

Karaoke Evening – Host your very own Eurovision song contest. Each participant picks a country out the hat and has to dress in the style and character of that country. Elected judges will then award prizes to the best dressed and the best voice! You can raise funds by charging an admissions fee. If you are hosting it in a local pub, you could propose a cut on the drinks takings for the evening if you have a large enough party.

Lunch Money – A simple, yet effective way to raise funds. Ask your work colleagues or school friends to bring in a packed lunch for the day and donate the money they would have spent on their lunch to the Red Army Fund.

No Smoking – Get people to sponsor you to give up smoking.

Bad Dress Day – Encourage people to come to work or school in bad dress. Think, 80s jump suits or Hawaiian shirts. Charge those who take part £1.00 and those who don’t pay a fine of £2.00

Golf Match – Organise a Red Army Fund golf match. Entice a golf club to provide a discount or host the event free in return for free advertisement on all the promotional material associated with the event. You can charge each player a fee to enter the tournament with the winner received a prize or trophy. If it’s a success you can easily turn the the Red Army Fund golf match into an annual event.

Summer Fete – Why not organise a Red Army Fund fete in your local area? This fundraising idea will take some planning and lots of organisation but the end result will be lots of money for the Red Army Fund. There are lots of way you can raise money at a fete, from running different attractions to selling food and drink.

Sweets/10p’s in a Jar – A quick and easy fundraiser, simply fill up a jar with sweets or 10p coins (remember to count how many you put in) and charge people a small fee to guess how many there are. The person who gets closest to the figure by the end of the days wins the lot!

Swear Box – Stick a swear box in the office, home or social club to raise money for the Red Army Fund. Every time someone swears they have to put a £1 in the box, it will soon add up!

Cookbook – Cookbook fundraising is a definite recipe for success. Writing the Red Army Fund cookbook is easy and straightforward. They can be great money-makers thanks to the low overheads and high profit margins. You can adapt the cookbook to fit a football theme, and ask work colleagues to submit family favourite recipes.

Coffee Morning – Why not throw on the kettle and bake a cake, all in the name of the Red Army Fund? With little outlay, this fundraiser is a guaranteed success, simply ask your friends, family and work colleagues for a donation in return for coffee and slice of homemade cake.

Plant Sale – A plant sale is an easy to organise fundraiser and is great excuse for those of you who are keen gardeners to get together and raise lots of money for the Red Army Fund. Ensure you plan the event well in advance so people have time to sow seeds and cultivate plants.

Paper Planes – A very simple yet highly effective fundraiser! All you need is plain paper and an area to throw the paper planes. The aim of the game is to see who can throw their paper plane the furthest. You can charge participants a fee to take part with the winner receiving a prize.

Talent Show – Why not encourage budding thespians, musicians and all round entertainers to strut their stuff in aid of the Red Army Fund. Each participant pays a small fee to enter the competition with the winner receiving a donated gift. This can be hosted at school, the workplace or even at a social club. If you want to raise even more cash for the Red Army Fund then you could charge an entry fee for spectators.

Film Night – This is a quick and easy fundraiser which doesn’t require too much organisation. Simply invite your friends and family over to watch the latest blockbuster in return for a donation to the Red Army Fund.

Slave Auction – Much like a conventional auction, people bid to have a slave for the day. The highest bidder wins, the slaves are auctioned off for various tasks such as ironing, cooking etc – the sky’s the limit.