January Newsletter – Welcome to 2016


A belated Happy New Year to you, and Town fans everywhere!

Here at TrustSTFC, we anticipate an exciting year ahead, as much of our time last year was dedicated to becoming more organised: creating our fundraising capability, and establishing a team of people that can really move us forwards in 2016.

A few months ago we launched the Red Army Fund which now has around 100 people signed up to a monthly direct debit and it’s projected to return nearly £10,000 during the course of the calendar year. It’s a good start, but can we do better ?

Our aim is to gain some kind of financial independence that allows us to make a difference for the club we all love. We want to improve the council-owned stadium, we want to introduce some new ideas to enhance the matchday experience, we want to attract the next generation of supporters, and much more.

We have always acknowledged that the Red Army Fund would take time to grow, but with your help we might be able to speed things up. Getting a large base of regular contributors will not happen overnight, but the Fund is here to stay, and we will press ahead on a new and improved promotional path to ensure we achieve our goals.

Until now, the vast majority of supporters – both in person and on-line, have heard what we say, they generally like what we say, and they might even talk positively to others about us, or write positive comments on social media…but they haven’t yet signed up to support the Red Army Fund. Why is that? It’s a problem we will hopefully solve this year.

Whilst we appreciate any supportive and kind words, these don’t really help the overall mission, and if Town fans really think about it, they probably have spare cash every month, even if it is just £1.

Let’s prove that we are bigger than Grimsby Town, and let’s prove that we can compete with the passionate fan base at Portsmouth. Last year, these two groups raised a combined total of almost £400,000 towards their clubs in just a couple of months. We are lagging behind at present, but we know we can, and will, do better.

We’re simply asking that you donate whatever you can comfortably afford on a regular basis. Are you willing to donate £1 a month towards Swindon Town supporter causes? If so, please visit www.redarmyfund.co.uk and sign-up – It only takes a couple of minutes.

As Trust board members we don’t get paid for our efforts, and we’re all contributors to the Red Army Fund. We pride ourselves on being a HOT organisation, that is Honest, Open and Transparent, and every penny given to the Red Army Fund goes towards our initiatives.

If you have any questions at all, please get in touch using the details below, or by replying to this email.


Stephen Mytton
Chairman, TrustSTFC
Twitter: @mightymyte / @TrustSTFC
Facebook: facebook.com/truststfc