Tuesday 4th August 2015 – The Red Army Fund launches today and we hope you like it!

The site has been put together by Trust Chairman Steve Mytton, and he was quick to praise the efforts of Nicola Woolford, who has provided almost all of the artwork for the website and associated literature. “I was introduced to Nicola by her partner Matt, who is a TrustSTFC Board member. She’s been fantastic, producing some amazing artwork, often at short notice. She has done all of it at no charge, completely voluntary and in her own free time – and she’s not even interested in football!”

As Nicola explains “I am not a huge football fan, but I am a fan of Swindon having lived here for the last twenty years and I’m very happy to do my bit to help the Red Army Fund, anything that further improves the Town I live in is a good thing.”

She concludes “The design work I have done has been fun and enjoyable, despite all the late nights and early mornings, working around my full time job. It’s been great seeing it all come together and I love the fact that I’m playing my part in helping the community in which I live.”

The Fund also introduces a number of new TrustSTFC Membership levels, each rewarded with various benefits.

A new ‘1879 Retro Shirt’ is available with the ‘Silver’ and ‘Gold’ levels, has been developed exclusively for Trust Members by Swindon based sports brand company, Silverback Sport.


Director Nick Warren explained how they got involved, “We were approached earlier this year and told about the Red Army Fund. As a group we wanted us to create a polo shirt that all generations would be happy to wear and thought a design that tied in with the heritage of the club but had a modern look and feel would be a perfect fit.”

He then explained how the design was developed: “We researched photographs of the clubs very first 1879 football strip, which was a red strip with black hoops, and used this as our inspiration – mixing it with some 1970’s culture and the modern day Trust logos. The tops themselves are made using a lightweight technical material with a modern cut, providing a blend of traditional design mixed with modern material and what we believe is the perfect solution for all supporters, both young and old.”

The shirts will be available exclusively to Trust Members: “We won’t be selling them individually, if you see someone who is wearing one, you’ll know they are supporting the Red Army Fund”

Please sign up to Membership package, and show your support to the Red Army Fund.