The ‘Raise The Roof’ project is dedicated to the creation of a roof over the Stratton Bank.

The Roof has two main elements – the supply and erection of the Steel stanchions and roof covering, and the supply and containment of concrete within groundworks to hold the steel stanchions in place.

The first element has involved approaching a major supplier of steel stanchions and roof coverings – ReidSteel of Christchurch. They have had extensive experiences of new stands in Football Grounds including working with Aston Villa, Notts County and Brentford. Following site visits they have identified a cost of £340,210 + VAT for this element.

For the groundworks we approached a local well-respected construction company, Beard. They arranged for an Invasive Survey of Stratton Bank to determine soil conditions. This cost £3652.00 + VAT.

The Trust has appointed Eric Cole Ltd Cirencester as the Trust Architects. They identified the need for a Topographical Survey to provide a full survey of levels of Stratton Bank in preparation for the creation of plans. The cost of this is £1,062 + VAT.

From these surveys Beard has identified a cost of £125,000 to produce structural drawings for the groundworks and supply and create the groundworks necessary to anchor the steelwork, and make good.

The Stand will also require ancillary items such as internal lighting, a public address system, and a rainwater distribution system. It is anticipated that these will cost £8,500 + VAT

We then have to produce drawings for discussion with the Club, Swindon Borough Council and local residents. It is anticipated that this will be £3,500 + VAT.

Following this the final drawings will go for Planning Permission. The cost of obtaining Planning Permission/Building Regulations is to be negotiated with Swindon Borough Council and we have allowed approximately £8,000 + VAT (although there is a possibility this could be increased/decreased).

The cost of the Stratton Bank Roof and additional facilities considered to date is therefore £489,924 + VAT, and this does not include any contingency amount.

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