Red Army Fund – Terms and Conditions

1 – The Red Army Fund will be used by TrustSTFC for campaigning for, designing, obtaining planning permission, constructing or maintaining a roof on the Stratton Bank end of the County Ground (or to reimburse any costs incurred by Swindon Town Football Company Limited in relation to any of these activities) as well as other objects that support the published Trust Vision or, with the approval of the members by vote at a general meeting of TrustSTFC, for any other object of TrustSTFC.

2 – Red, Bronze, Silver and Gold membership status applies for 12 months.

3 – Direct debits will be collected on the 1st day of every calendar month as standard, however this can be adjusted to suit each person.

4- Red Membership is a minimum of £12 per year, and a maximum of £48 per year, spread over 12 payments or as one lump-sum

5- Bronze Membership is £60 per year, spread over 12 payments or as one lump-sum

6 – Silver Membership is £120 per year, spread over 12 payments or as one lump-sum

7 – Gold Membership is £300 per year, spread over 12 payments or as one lump-sum

8 – After the first year of membership, membership fees can be increased by Trust STFC on 30 days notice

9 – Memberships are for individuals only, however company logos can be used for the “Wall of Memories”

10 – Direct Debits are set as ‘recurring’ and therefore payments will continue after 12 months have elapsed unless TrustSTFC receive written notification that the direct debits should be stopped

11 – Members will be notified in advance of the 12th monthly payment to notify them that their membership is expiring, and advising on the new set of benefits that they will receive for continuing their direct debit.

12 – Members have the right to cancel their direct debit at any time after their first debit payment is received, however they must give at least 30 days notice

13 – Direct debit payments are non-refundable

14 – Direct debits are operated by GoCardless, which is available to anyone with a UK bank account

15 – Non-UK/Overseas memberships can be actioned via PayPal or Bank Transfer, however additional charges will apply for postage of T-Shirts, Mugs and Badges.

16 – Associate memberships are free, however they do not come with benefits or a share in the Community Mutual

17 – Benefits will be available for collection at the County Ground on Match Days

18 – Benefits (Mugs, Shirts, Badges) will not be posted to Members unless they have signed up as an International member

19 – The Benefits available to Members are in the sole discretion of TrustSTFC, and can be changed at any time

20 – The Red Army Fund will be held by the Trust in accordance with its rules and the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 (or any successor legislation)